ECE 4th Year Projects
Projets de 4e année de GÉGI

Data Item Descriptions

Note: When writing your DIDs, use this style guide and adapt the content according to the requirements of the specific DID. While this guide is in Microsoft Word's format, you can use your favourite text editing software.
EEE455/457-DID-01: Project Commitment Document (PCD)
EEE455/457-DID-02: Part Order Form
EEE455/457-DID-03: Statement of Requirement (SOR)
EEE455/457-DID-04: Preliminary Design Specification (PDS)
EEE455/457-DID-05: Design Review Presentation (DR)
EEE455/457-DID-06: Schedule Update (SU)
EEE455/457-DID-07: Detailed Design Document (DDD)
EEE455/457-DID-08: Final Project Presentation (FPP)
EEE455/457-DID-09: Final Project Demonstration (FPD)
EEE455/457-DID-10: Out-Clearance Form
EEE455/457-DID-11: Design Change Document (DCD)
EEE455/457-DID-12: Weekly Progress Report