ECE 4th Year Projects
Projets de 4e année de GÉGI

Final Project Presentations and Demo 2016

Winners of the IEEE RMC Competition

  • 1st: OCdt Burkhart and OCdt Guanlao
  • 2nd: Élof Gagnon et Élof Sirois
  • 3rd: OCdt McKeon and NCdt Toor

Winners of the A.Y. Chikhani Award

  • OCdt McKeon and NCdt Toor

Final Project Presentations 2015

The RMC IEEE Student paper competition was held on 26 Mar 2014 in conjunction with the RMC ECE fourth year project presentations. There were a total of 14 excellent projects presented. Prizes of $150, $90 and $60 were awarded to the first, second and third place project groups respectively.

RMC Student Paper Competition Winners

  • 1st: Pascal Laberge-Leblanc and Jean-Francois Lizee, Main Électromécanique Contrôlée Par Signaux Électromyographies
  • 2nd: Leverton and Mackey, Hardware based Symmetric Network Encryption
  • 3rd: Albrecht and Machnee, DNS Covert Channel Detection Tool

Mr. Laberge-Leblanc and Mr. Lizee will represent RMC at the IEEE Regional Student Paper Competition on 1 April 2015 at the University of Ottawa

Final Project Demonstrations 2014

On April 3rd, the Annual International Institute of Electrical and Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Internal Competition was held at the Royal Military College of Canada. This competition marks the end of the year-long EEE455/457 design project course. Seven 4th year teams from within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department competed and were evaluated on the presentation of the project design, their implementation and the technical difficulty. M1004 NCdt (IV) Raymond Bailey and M1025 OCdt (IV) James Bayes won first place for their project, “Tracking Moving Targets from a Moving Platform Using Model Predictive Control.” This team also won first place at the Professional Engineering Ontario (PEO) student paper night held at Queen’s university this past March and second place at the IEEE Eastern Ontario student design competition against five other universities also this past March. 25950 OCdt (IV) Patrick Nadeau and 25982 NOCdt (IV) Colin Strong won second place for their project, “Rail gun Round Accuracy Improvement Using Spin Stabilization.” 26006 OCdt (IV) Aaron Cappellani and 26048 OCdt Greg Ritonja won third place for their project, “Data Fusion of Multiple Orthogonally Oriented 3D IR Sensors to Mitigate Sensor Shadowing.”

Final Project Demonstrations 2013

Winners of the IEEE RMC Competition

  • 1st: OCdt Flavio Stasi and OCdt Ripley Pennell
  • 2nd: OCdt Steeve Fortin and NCdt Francis Holtken
  • 3rd: NCdt Joey Martin and OCdt Gillian Rideout

Winners of the A.Y. Chikhani Award

  • OCdt Steeve Fortin and NCdt Francis Holtken